How to sign up for Procreate Dreams beta and early access

Procreate Dreams early access

Let’s go over whether Procreate Dreams has early access.

Developed by the same people who, obviously, brought you Procreate, Dreams is a standalone app giving people the create 2D animations from their iPads. While there’s a very high chance that Procreate Dreams will work with all versions of the Apple Pencil, alongside the iPad Air, we’re not going to know officially until the app actually launches. Although, an early access period would certainly make things make sense a little more. It would also give people even more reason to secure their Procreate Dreams pre-orders sooner, or even pick the best iPad for Procreate Dreams.

Does Procreate Dreams have early access?

The good thing is that there is actually a Procreate Dreams beta program which would effectively be the same thing as ‘early access.’ The beta can be joined via the Procreate website, from which you’re going to be able to find their beta testing section.

How to join the Procreate Dreams beta

Time needed: 3 minutes

Joining the Procreate Dreams beta is insanely straight-forward, and only really requires filling in a few details.

  1. Head on over to the Procreate website

    You can find the link for the Procreate Dreams beta testing application here.

  2. Fill in your personal details

    You’ll need to enter your language, device ownership, and what features you intend to use Procreate Dreams for.

  3. Await confirmation and sign NDA

    You’re going to have your application for the Procreate Dreams beta manually reviewed, and if you’re accepted you’re going to have to sign an NDA.

When does the Procreate Dreams beta start?

The early access period – or beta – for Procreate Dreams has already begun, and it will presumably run until the app is itself launched. The beta period for Procreate Dreams will likely be a time when users will be submitting feedback to Savage Interactive (the developers) while also allowing for people to review the app too.

Thanks to this Procreate Dreams beta program, users of the app are going to be able to start using it before the launch date actually swings around. However, burning questions such as whether it’s going to feature a camera, or if you’re going to be able to do rigging in Procreate Dreams, will go unanswered until an official release thanks to the NDAs that are being signed. In the meantime, you might be interested in a few other things we’ve taken a stab at: How to deselect in Krita, namely.

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