Does Procreate Dreams work on iPad Air?

If you’re wondering if Procreate Dreams works on iPad Air, you’ve arrived in the right place.

Somewhat of a sequel to Procreate, the new application available on iOS tablet devices will allow you to create stunning 2D animations. While the regular Procreate app compatibility allows you to use the iPad Air (3rd, 4th and 5th generation) and iPad Air 2, people are understandably curious as to whether Dreams will allow you to do the same.

Nothing is clear at the moment, though the Procreate Twitter / X account has dropped some useful hints. Just after the app was announced, they had said that “they will release a full list of compatible devices soon,” though a more recent Tweet has said that “this won’t just be for Pro devices, we’ll be shipping with broad iPad support.” You might want to hold off on any Procreate Dreams pre-orders until you find out more.

Will Procreate Dreams work on iPad Air?

The Procreate website conveniently displays an iPad Mini being used for Procreate Dreams. This offers up a great load of information – that Procreate Dreams probably won’t just be limited to Apple M-chip devices. There’s a lot of evidence here suggesting that Procreate Dreams will work with the iPad Air too. This makes it one of the best iPads for Procreate Dreams.

The iPad that I use for Procreate is an iPad Air 2nd Generation, and it works fantastically. If the app does see some more intensive features implemented in the future – rigging, for example – it’s possible that some A-chip iPads don’t quite meet the requirements to run the app optimally. However, it’s still possible that they could see more lightweight versions of the app.

As the Procreate Dreams launch gets closer and closer – I have a bunch of questions to both ask and answer. Will Procreate Dreams work with all Apple Pencils, for one, but will there be a Procreate Dreams early access period too? Aside from that, I’ve also answered how to make Procreate less pixelated.

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