Procreate Dreams pre order guide

An image showing off Procreate Dreams being used by an animator.

If you’re interested in the latest 2D animation software from Savage Interactive, you should probably pre-order Procreate Dreams now.

The app looks to re-introduce 2D animation to consumers, with it full underway in its early access/beta period already. First looks of the app have been wildly revealing of the technical capabilities. While for now, its features look to focus on frame-by-frame animation and tweening, it’s possible that it could see rigging at some point too. However, before it launches, you’re going to want to pre-order the app. Here’s how to pre-order it.

Can you pre-order Procreate Dreams?

You can pre-order Procreate Dreams now via the Apple Store, though it’s only available on iPad at the moment. For a more in-depth guide on Procreate Dreams compatibility, you should have a look at our guide on whether Procreate Dreams works on iPad Air.

What are benefits of pre-ordering Procreate Dreams?

The app is set to release on November 22nd, giving you plenty of time to secure your app order before it launches. Honestly, there aren’t any pre-order bonuses or the like that you might expect had it been a game or something similar.

Aside from the assurance that you’re going to get access to the app as soon as it’s released, there’s also the possibliity that the release date could be brought forward slightly – giving you more time to get onto the app before everyone else! A pipe-dream, though.

In the meantime, we’ve made some in-depth guides on the original app, including how to make Procreate less pixelated.

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