Does Procreate Dreams work with all Apple Pencils?

Let’s go over everything we know about whether or not Procreate Dreams works with all Apple Pencils.

At this point, there are three different Apple Pencils. First gen, second, and also the USB-C version. Procreate Dreams isn’t released yet, nor is much information about the app – frustratingly. Thankfully though, we have a pretty good benchmark to go off: the regular Procreate Dreams app. Compatible with all Apple Pencils, the app is hugely versatile. This indicates that there’s going to be full compatibility between Procreate Dreams and the Apple Pencil.

Procreate Dreams is 2D animation software and much of the benefits from the drawing aspect of it will draw on the Apple Pencil’s capabilities. While other styluses will work just as well, the Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity features are basically unmatched. It would be pretty strange for any version of the Apple Pencil to not work with the app, so we can safely assume they’re all going to be compatible. If you were worried for any reason, there’s no need to cancel your Procreate Dreams pre-orders as it looks like it will have all the compatibility we’re hoping for. If rigging in Procreate Dreams is a feature, it’s going to be interesting to see how it works with the Apple Pencil.

Brad Colbow’s YouTube demonstration of the app shows that the Apple Pencil can definitely be used with it. Drawing in the app looks seamless and really effective, likely thanks to the Procreate engine being used for the drawing system. Alongside that, the Procreate Dreams site shows off that the app was “made for iPad and Apple Pencil” alongside offering an “unmatched experience for touch and Apple Pencil.”

We’re already aware that Procreate Dreams will work with the iPad Air, which is also quite useful, though there are plenty of other questions to ask, and to answer. We’ll be tackling whether or not Procreate Dreams will have early access, and we’ve also taken a stab at how to deselect in Krita.

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