You can make insane Disney Pixar AI pet art with Bing Image Creator

We’re going to go in-depth on how to make the best Disney and Pixar-inspired AI characters, posters, avatars and more.

Currently, the Disney and Pixar AI trend is sky-rocketing as people look to give their favorite characters – whether it’s from an existing fandom or one they’ve created themselves – a spin on a classic animation style. Digital creatives are able to do this with AI tools such as DALL-E 3, Midjourney, and ChatGPT.

It’s surprisingly easy to figure out how to do it too. You’re only going to need to have an idea of what animation style you want, alongside what you’d like to generate. We’re going to be using DALL-E 3 for these examples as we find that it’s the most powerful image-generation tool out there at the moment.

Our favourite Pixar-inspired AI movie posters we’ve made

After having a play around with DALL-E 3, we created some stunning Pixar and Disney inspired movie posters. We’d highly recommend people to give it a whirl and see what they can create.

How to make Disney / Pixar inspired AI characters and pet posters

In order to make AI-generated Pixar inspired characters and posters, you’re going to need access to a high-quality image generator. We’d strongly recommend DALL-E 3, which you can access through ChatGPT at the moment. Once you’ve had a go at making Pixar AI art such as this – you’re going to have learned the basics of creating the best DALL-E 3 prompts.

Here’s how we would make Disney Pixar inspired AI characters and posters.

  1. Choose your image generation AI tool of choice

    We’d highly recommend using ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 for this. They will allow you to create a ‘chat history’ of sorts, making it easier to recreate posters you’re happy with.

  2. Describe your character/scene

    The good thing is that you can be as detailed or brief as you want. List your characters, their backgrounds, the settings, the time of day, the area, etc.

  3. Describe Pixar / Disney’s animation style

    Pixar films feature a range of signature animation motifs. Realistic textures and lighting, emotive character designs, fluid motion, rich and vibrant colours, and innovative visual storytelling.A screenshot of ChatGPT as I generate a Pixar inspired image of a football team.

How would you describe Pixar’s animation style to AI?

In order to communicate Pixar’s animation style to your AI image generator, you might want to consider the features we’ve listed below. If you’re using ChatGPT and DALL-E 3, you’re going to be able to paste them in and go from there.

Realistic textures and lighting

Pixar’s films often feature incredibly detailed textures that give objects, characters, and environments a larger-than-life appearance. Their use of lighting is also sophisticated and nearly photo-real, helping to create mood, depth, and a sense of realism. The lighting is often offset by a charming, approachable aesthetic.

Emotive character designs

Characters in Pixar films are designed to be highly expressive, with exaggerated features that allow for a wide range of emotions. This makes them relatable and endearing to audiences.

Fluid motion & dynamics

The movement of characters and elements in Pixar films is smooth and fluid. Whether it’s the bounce of a ball in “Luxo Jr.” or the flow of water in “Finding Nemo”, Pixar’s animations showcase realistic physics combined with artistic exaggeration.

Rich & vibrant colors

Pixar films are known for their vibrant color palettes, which play a crucial role in storytelling. Colors are used to evoke specific emotions, highlight important scenes, and distinguish between different worlds or settings.

Innovative storytelling

While not strictly a visual style, Pixar’s approach to storytelling is a defining aspect of their films. They often explore deep emotional themes and complex relationships, presenting them in ways that are accessible to both children and adults.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at how to create Disney Pixar inspired AI posters and characters, and we hope that we’ve helped you learn a little about the capabilities of AI. We might suggest that you try this alongside an image generation model such as NovelAI Diffusion which would allow you to try this with anime art styles.

Check back in with us periodically for related tutorials and AI showcases. In the meantime, you might consider looking at how to create the best Photoshop Generative fill prompts to empower your generative AI skills.

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